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SharePoint 2016 IT Preview ResourcesNo presence informationPenelope Coventry17/10/2015 11:34SP2016; Access; Presentations0
Automating business processes with SharePoint, Office 365 and AzureNo presence informationPenelope Coventry10/09/2015 12:06Access; Office 365; Presentations; Workflows; Azure0
Business Connectivity Services: End User Implications – Part Three: External Content Type Authorisation ErrorsNo presence informationPenelope Coventry26/05/2015 06:54BCS (BDC); Windows PowerShell; SP20130
Finding External Lists using Windows PowerShell®No presence informationPenelope Coventry06/04/2015 00:00BCS (BDC); SP2013; Windows PowerShell0
Business Connectivity Services: End User Implications – Part two: Changing External System ThrottlingNo presence informationPenelope Coventry01/03/2015 00:00BCS (BDC); SP2013; Windows PowerShell0
Business Connectivity Services: End User Implications – Part One: Threshold limit ErrorsNo presence informationPenelope Coventry02/02/2015 00:00BCS (BDC); SP2013; SharePoint Online0
Project Siena ResourcesNo presence informationPenelope Coventry22/01/2015 18:08Presentations; SharePoint Online; Office 365; SQL0
Business Connectivity Services: End User Implications – Part Zero: Why this blog seriesNo presence informationPenelope Coventry24/09/2014 15:00BCS (BDC); Office 365; SP2013; SP2010; SharePoint Online0
When is a SharePoint Farm Administrator not a SharePoint Farm Administrator?No presence informationPenelope Coventry01/08/2014 12:58SP2013; Windows PowerShell0
SharePoint Evolution Conference Road showNo presence informationPenelope Coventry11/06/2014 15:16BCS (BDC); Branding; InfoPath; Access; SP2013; SQL; Visio; SPF2013; Office 365; Presentations0
TechEd North America 2014 ReviewNo presence informationPenelope Coventry26/05/2014 11:07Windows PowerShell; Presentations0
Micrsoft SharePoint 2010: Business Data Connectivity book releasedNo presence informationPenelope Coventry24/06/2012 14:13BCS (BDC); Office 365; SharePoint Online; SP2010; SPF2010; Windows PowerShell0
Let's celebrate and tie Ribbons around SharePointNo presence informationPenelope Coventry06/03/2012 14:08Branding; Office 365; SharePoint Online; SP2010; SPF20100
5-day SharePoint Designer - Last Presentation in Current Format No presence informationPenelope Coventry03/03/2012 19:46SPD; SP2010; SharePoint Online; Workflows; Office 365; BCS (BDC); InfoPath0
Speaking at SharePoint Conferences in 2012No presence informationPenelope Coventry13/01/2012 19:13BCS (BDC); Presentations; Office 365; SharePoint Online; SP2010; Branding; Workflows0
Speaking at SEF2011 and SharePoint Saturday UK 2011No presence informationPenelope Coventry26/10/2011 23:39Office 365; Presentations; SharePoint Online; SPD; Workflows; SP20100
SharePoint Conference: Session SPC402 Ribbon Development and ExtensibilityNo presence informationPenelope Coventry20/10/2011 16:30Office 365; SP2010; SPF20100
Look who reads my booksNo presence informationPenelope Coventry18/10/2011 00:56SPF2010; SPD0
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Inside Out now availableNo presence informationPenelope Coventry17/10/2011 23:36BCS (BDC); SP2010; SPD; Windows PowerShell; Branding; Workflows; InfoPath0
Book Signing at SharePoint Conference 2011No presence informationPenelope Coventry28/09/2011 12:23SP2010; WSS0
Blog site moved to SharePoint 2010 and new bookNo presence informationPenelope Coventry21/09/2011 18:12SP20100
Speaking at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2011No presence informationPenny Coventry04/04/2011 16:45SP2010; SPD; Windows PowerShell; BCS (BDC); Branding; Access0
MVP for the Fifth YearNo presence informationPenny Coventry04/04/2011 15:53SP20100
New Book: SharePoint Designer 2010 Step By Step sent to printersNo presence informationPenny Coventry23/12/2010 17:08SPD; Branding; BCS (BDC); SQL; Access0
US SharePoint Best Practices – Here I comeNo presence informationPenny Coventry13/08/2010 18:14SP2010; Presentations; Windows PowerShell0
SharePoint June 2010 Cumulative UpdatesNo presence informationPenny Coventry30/06/2010 19:38SP2010; WSS; MOSS0
SharePoint User Group UK Meeting - NottinghamNo presence informationPenny Coventry27/06/2010 17:17Presentations; SPD; MOSS; WSS0
Packing My Bags for TechEd North AmericaNo presence informationPenny Coventry30/05/2010 09:08Presentations; SP20100
SharePoint 2010 flowers in UK sunlight this AprilNo presence informationPenny Coventry08/04/2010 12:09Presentations; Access; Windows PowerShell; SPD; SP20100
MVP for the Fourth YearNo presence informationPenny Coventry01/04/2010 12:48MOSS0
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